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At Live Fast Gear, we know you’re ambitious. You’re more than just the average adventure seeker—you fearlessly crave the adrenaline rush. We know that when you’re in the zone, the last thing you need is to become weighed down by the elements.


Live Fast Gear is passionate about providing expertly crafted, professional-grade products to protect, invigorate, and amplify your performance—all while allowing you to boast your unique sense of style. Whether your thing is motorcycling, dirt biking, sailing, ATVing, mountain biking, fishing, or snowboarding, Live Fast Gear has the equipment you need to help you take your ride to the next level.


Blazing past our humble beginnings and breaking into new territory, we’ve expanded our unique offerings to provide you with even more options to keep you protected while you’re on the move. You may have previously known us as Fast Mask—launched in 2018 as your one-stop shop for tubular bandanas. While we’re thrilled to continue providing a myriad of mask options to keep you covered during your ride, we sought out a brand-new name to signify our ever-evolving, adrenaline-seeking identity and our extended product offerings (because life’s too short not to live on the edge—right?).

Ready to Get Your Heart Pumping with these New Products?

Live Fast Gear’s array of products provide powerful protection for you and your body against the elements and treachous roads . As a trailblazer who’s always on the go, you know these conditions all too well—they’re the kinds of things that can put a serious damper on your ride, or even cut it short altogether. That’s why we’ve created a wide assortment of face masks, vests, armoured gear, jackets, hats, and motorcycle gloves that possess the quality and durability to keep you riding on without hesitation.

The Live Fast Gear Difference

At Live Fast Gear, our value proposition is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to you—the ultimate adventure seeker. No matter the weather, climate, or conditions you’re up against, our products’ intricate quality, strong attention to detail, and outstanding resilience ensures you can perform at your peak.

Top of mind at all times, we are avidly invested in your ride, your adventure—your experience. So much so, that we will always, always (yup, we said it twice!) put you first. Whenever we’re designing new products, what’s the first thing we ask, you may be wondering? It’s always “how will this product help our customers level up their performance?” If our prototypes and samples don’t live up to our sky-high standards, it’s back to the drawing board. And, quite selfishly, we need to love the products, too! As fellow adrenaline junkies who use Live Fast Gear products on the daily, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help outpace our own personal bests.

Fabrics that Move with You

Whether it’s the proprietary moisture-wicking microfibre that banishes away sweat on our infamous Fast Masks, or the gripped, touchscreen-compatible nature of our motorcycle gloves—we invest in our materials. The last thing you want is to feel held back or uncomfortable due to a lack of control or because of nasty sweat build up getting in your way. Rest assured, our products are UV blocking, wind resistant, and quick drying to keep you comfortable while you’re in beast mode.


Shipping that Matches Your Speed

It might be a small thing to some—but it’s a big thing to us.

We’re called Live Fast Gear, so how could you expect us to lag at this important step? That’s right—all of our orders ship within 1 business day, so that you don’t have to skip a beat, because there’s nothing worse than waiting around for the really cool stuff that you ordered.

Ready to level up your ride? Well, what are you waiting for! Start shopping now before your favourite designs sell out.


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